A viola / bass guitar duo is perhaps a rare, but in this case obvious combination.

Oene van Geel & Mark Haanstra
Photo René Dissel

Oene van Geel and Mark Haanstra share a musical history for nearly twenty years. Playing together in many different groups and winning several prizes such as the Dutch Jazz Competition (1998) and the Boy Edgar Prize (Oene, 2013), they now take a plunge into the essence of their combined musical roots and look for new horizons as a duo.



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. . Impeccable performance. They switch effortless between genres and role . .

Neil Westerlaken, Volkskrant, july 2016

It started when they recorded three tracks in may 2016 on Oene van Geel's acclaimed solo album 'Sudoku'. Dutch audiences immediately picked up on this. They are now performing on major festivals and venues in the Netherlands as a duo and with special guests such as pianists Rembrandt Frerichs, Wolfert Brederode and the Romanian guitarist/violinist George Dumitriu.

. . Their improvisations are taking each song to a higher level. They belong to the elite of European Jazz . .

Ken Vos, Leidsche Courant, November 2016

All these years of collaborating exposed them to many influences. This duo combines them all in a natural way: From explosive Balkan rock to intimate poetic songs. Maximum contrast in the smallest possible band. Their original compositions and the chemistry between the two musicians is the foundation on which everything is built.

. . After all these years the communication between them seems to be telepathic . .

Eddy Determeyer, Draai om je Oren, November 2016

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