Shapes of Time

Shapes of Time

(ft. Raphael Vanoli & Udo Prinsen)

‘Shapes of Time’ is an attempt to aurally translate a search for suspension and focus in a world led by fragmentation and urgency. During a polar expedition, visual artist Udo Prinsen installed various pinhole cameras; the light of several months is represented in one photo. The movements of the sun along the horizon are a ‘coagulated’ map of time. The tranquil and contrasting landscapes in the photos served as inspiration for the music.

On the album, as well as the concerts, music and images form a rather poetic whole. Oene and Mark’s open and elastic interplay allow Raphael plenty of room to augment the duality of the images; It can be calm during the storm, whilst the sun shines in pitch-blackness.


Casual and at the same time deeply haunting.

Mischa Andriessen, Trouw

Qualities and expierences beautifully unite.

Gijsbert Kamer, Volkskrant

Shapes of Time transcends the earthly and lets beauty be a real mystery.

Peter de Bruyn, Haarlems Dagblad

In these impressionistic soundscapes, the musicians try to find tension in the smallest possible places. (...) but it is this silence - the deliberate pace of the music - that really impels the fantasy.

Amanda Kuyper, NRC Handelsblad

Daring and progressive music.

Coen de Jonge, Jazzism

Shapes of Time

Mark Haanstra – Bass guitar and Contrabass

Oene van Geel – Viola

Special guests

Raphael Vanoli – Guitar & effects

Udo Prinsen – Long exposure photography

Released on ZenneZ Records, March 2018.

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Shapes of Time Shapes of Time Shapes of Time Shapes of Time